2023 Can Be Bright for HR Leaders

Human resource and business leaders led the charge through the Covid crisis. The pandemic made HR more visible and influential and highlighted HR responsibilities. The light will continue to shine on HR into 2023 and beyond. To succeed in this ever-changing business landscape, HR must work with the rest of the c-suite to continually re-evaluate employee experiences and productivity.

Gathering information from our colleagues and clients, we predict the following three HR trends will be significant in 2023.

1. DEI: Workers and business leaders will continue to focus on DEI

Many companies have a long way to go regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  Employees already expect actions vs. words when it comes to DEI. 70% of job seekers say they want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion1. Soteria HR helps hiring managers promote their plans to create a more equitable environment in their workplace.

Most employers in the U.S. are legally prohibited from discriminating against employees. Applicants can often find DEI employer statements on company career pages or in footnotes on company websites. Some employers use DEI statements to provide insight into the company’s hiring culture and values. Google actually releases an annual diversity report.2

2. Agility: Organizational flexibility, fluidity, and agility led by HR

This is yet another area where Soteria HR comes to the rescue. We serve as your HR team, preparing and leading your company through whatever crisis hits with agility and confidence. Instead of moving sequentially from start to end and delivering the final product at the very end of a project, agility offers an iterative and incremental approach. We handle the volatility of the HR aspects of your business so you can focus on your products and customers.

Agility starts with HR, and as your outsourced HR partner, Soteria is about people management and managing operations. We are also an extension of your company as a strategic unit that offers business value in terms of growth capabilities, efficiency gains, and cost savings, all of which are important factors for agility. From creating better employee engagement to revamping your entire organizational structure, agile HR can help your company navigate through the changing workplace and business expectations.

3. Flexibility: Revolutionized employee experiences

Rising employee expectations challenge HR to provide tailored workforce experiences that empower people to do their best work. This trend is loaded with multiple variables, but let’s focus on hybrid work environments. Flexible working supports employee engagement and well-being. Data shows that a positive work-life balance makes life less stressful, can reduce illness and absenteeism, and increase company loyalty.

Eliminating the commute by working from home frees time, energy, and headspace. Working when, where, and how they want increases employees’ sense of control and can even free up time for exercise to support physical wellness and stamina.

Soteria HR stays informed and on top of business and HR trends. Contact us now for your HR needs.



Cana Tighe