About Soteria and HR Consulting Support

In today’s complex and competitive business world, good HR practices are more important than ever.  Soteria HR is a one-stop HR consulting firm providing what your company requires for continued business success.


From the inside-out, we focus on helping your company stay in regulatory compliance and up-to-date with the latest administrative best practices.  Moreover, our HR consultants enhance your management practices which can boost the happiness and satisfaction quotient of your employees.

HR Consulting Support = Your Company’s Safety

Given our mission, we chose a name that reflects these goals. In Greek mythology, Soteria is the goddess of safety and preservation from harm.  The historical representations of Soteria are of a strong warrior woman.  Highlighting this strength, Soteria wears a laurel wreath crown, a symbol of success.


Indeed, we believe safety and victory go hand-in-hand in the competitive business arenas of the 21st century. Thus, Soteria HR helps client companies succeed by ensuring their safety. In other words, we watch your company’s back so you can thrive moving forward.

Why Soteria HR Consulting Support?

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Soteria’s experienced team tailors our HR consulting support options to your company’s specific needs.


Soteria brings together an impressive array of talented Senior Professionals including payroll exerts, HR management and administration professionals, and Group Health Insurance & Benefits Administration Professionals.


By offering diverse expertise to the HR Consulting model, Soteria HR provides customer-centric solutions.

Soteria HR Consulting Support Lights the Way

We understand there can be a lot of frustrations when it comes to running a company. We know from experience that there are many things that business owners worry about often keeping them up at night.


The reason clients choose to work with Soteria HR is for relief from some of these stressful worries.  They want relief from the myriad of HR bureaucracy, employment related penalties, compliance issues and regulatory challenges.


Indeed, you want your employees to passionately work for a company they believe in, and such belief is generated by solid HR and professional handling of the details.

A Profitable Business = A Well-Oiled Machine

We can help you handle current challenges and overcome future hurdles.
We can help turn your business into a well-oiled machine that runs without a hitch.

Please allow us to do for you what we do best.

HR Consulting Support = The Freedom a Company Needs to Succeed


Contact Soteria today and access the freedom your company needs to succeed!