person choosing ASO services option from Soteria HR.

ASO Services Model

The Administrative Services Only (ASO) model reflects a higher level of engagement with clients of Soteria HR. The ASO model saves business owners time and money by tailoring services to a client company’s specific needs. The knowledge and capabilities of small and mid-sized businesses are oftentimes limited to operational expertise as opposed to HR administrative expertise. Beyond HR consulting, our ASO services help to fill that gap.


With the ASO services model, Soteria HR contracts with your company to provide administrative and human resources services. An ASO partnership allows employers to pick and choose from a number of the services we offer, thus addressing their specific needs from an a la carte menu of available services. This service model is similar to many other business process outsourcing and vendor/client relationships.


A significant advantage of choosing the ASO services model for your small to mid-sized company are the cost saving techniques and bargaining abilities that Soteria HR can provide through vendor relationships. With the ASO model, a business that feels overwhelmed by having to manage multiple vendors gets one partner to take on that task. Soteria HR manages most of the HR-oriented vendors of our client companies.

ASO Model Vs. PEO Option

Unlike a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), the Administrative Services Only (ASO) model does not include co-employment or the taking on of employment liability and compliance penalties. For tax purposes, the employer hiring Soteria HR for the ASO model remains the employer of record for tax purposes. The key differentiating factor between the administrative services only model and the professional employer organization model is the way the services are delivered, either via a more traditional vendor/client relationship (ASO) or via a co-employment relationship (PEO).

To see the ASO services offered for clients, please see the following service pages:

Discovering What Works for You

If you are uncertain about the best solution for your company, or if you are interested in learning more about the ASO model, please contact Soteria HR and let us know what you need. Our goal is to help organizations discover the ideal HR outsourcing solution that will work best for your company moving forward.