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Best Practices Development

An essential part of HR consulting, best practices development focuses on guiding client companies through the implementation of universal HR processes that lead to superior business performance. According to 21st century HR management experts, effective HR management practices give companies a competitive advantage. Such HR services need to adhere to best practices guidelines that maximize potential.


The HR consultants at Soteria HR help our client companies choose the best practices that work best for their needs. From recruitment and selection to effective team management, best practices development provides companies with a competitive edge. Employee training and development is a key part of best practices development. It is covered on its own on this services page.

Examples of Best Practices Development

Soteria HR offers a wide array of best practices development options including:

Recruitment and Selection

Effective recruitment and selection techniques are a key element of best practices development. The HR consultants at Soteria HR help our client companies institute best practices hiring processes that attract the best possible candidates for specific job opportunities. Companies thrive when they hire exceptional people that add the most value to the business.


According to the Harvard Business Review, the difference in job performance between an average performer and a high performer can be as high as 400%.  Since competition exists in virtually every industry and for all job types, the hiring process is not just about hiring. Rather, best practices development shifts the focus to recruitment and selection.


In other words, what is your company doing to attract the very best in your industry? Attracting and selecting the very best employees provides a true competitive advantage, recruitment and selection best practices development is a crucial HR process. In today’s digital world, a variety of different recruitment tools are available if they are understood and employed correctly. Soteria HR helps to institute a safe and smart hiring process.

Optimization of Employee Team Management

High-performance teams are another key element in achieving success in the 21st century. Best practices development also focuses on optimizing employee teams by linking individual assessments to team assessments. When employees are rated based not just on their own work, but on the work of their entire team, they become more effective team players.


At the same time, diversity is essential so different ideas are generated to help achieve a common goal. The best teams include a diversity of talents while maintaining a positive internal balance and emotional equilibrium. When the focus is on what leads to success and not on division, diversity becomes an asset in a unified front. Commonly used tools for team building help take employee teams to the next level of excellence by clearly defining roles and expectations.


Additionally, best practices development can help to encourage different teams to work together within a company. The marketing team needs to be in line with manufacturing, and the IT team should know what the digital production team needs to succeed. A team is usually part of a larger entity, like another team or a department. Through the tool of Organizational Network Analysis, each team can understand its role in relation to every other team and organizational component of a company.

Information Security and Information Accessibility

Through best practices development, Soteria HR balances the necessity of information security with employee needs for information accessibility.  Making information easily accessible to those who need it. In the 21st century, information sharing is essential. At the same time, a company’s intellectual property and proprietary information needs to be protected. Soteria HR uses best practices development to find the right balance.


In many industries, open communication about strategy and operations fosters a culture where employees feel they are trusted. If employees feel a part of the big picture, they become invested in the success of the company. Also, by sharing ideas and providing access, employee teams clearly see their part in the greater whole. By providing employees with a wealth of information while also using whatever encryption techniques are needed to protect that information, your company can thrive in safety.


Open communication leads to greater employee engagement. Greater employee engagement raises productivity and profitability. The equation has worked the same for years. Open and transparent communication within a company through the institution of best practices development helps to make this equation a reality.

Instituting Feedback Mechanisms

With the rise of the internet, feedback mechanisms between employers and employees have become easier to institute than ever before. Moreover, a variety of feedback mechanisms can be instituted that either identify the employee or offer anonymity. Many companies institute both kinds of feedback mechanisms in their best practices development. Such employee feedback loops often catch issues before they become problems, allowing managers to do effective damage control.