Can You Terminate the Great Resignation?

When the lockdown started in the US, business leaders turned to technology to pivot to remote work. Now employers are turning to human resource leaders to face another crisis – retaining talent. Nearly four million workers quit their jobs in April, and another 3.6 million left in May.

Why Are They Leaving?

Anecdotally and via surveys, we see employees leaving white-collar positions for many reasons, with the top three being:

  1. Flexibility: Ability to work remotely is most important, and avoiding exposure to Covid.
  2. Stress: Burnout and unfulfilling company culture are adding to the struggles of work-life balance.
  3. Salaries: Other companies are offering higher pay and incentives.

Is Your HR Hurting?

You may now need your HR to help reshape your organization, but your HR team may have been understaffed and overworked even before the pandemic. During the pandemic shut down, many HR staffs worked themselves to the point of burnout. As a result, companies are desperate to find HR talent. Job postings for human resource positions were up 52.5% in June on Indeed, a larger jump than any other job sector on the site.

Who Can Help?

These challenges are now forcing executives to rethink their approach to people. Now is a great time to consider outsourcing HR to highly experienced and educated HR experts.

At Soteria, we are proud of our solid team of HR experts and our clients. We have helped our clients remain nimble throughout this turbulent upending of business. Our custom-tailored solutions and “boots on the ground” approach enable you to make your business goals a reality.

How We Can Help

All businesses are facing these long-term challenges. A sample of our tactics include:

  • Implementing best-practices for hybrid work environments
  • Updating job descriptions, salary ranges, and employee rewards systems
  • Refreshing performance management to meet current expectations
  • Applying the most effective recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Evaluating company culture and creating diversity and inclusion programs
  • Building learning and development agendas across organizations

The right HR partner can support your critical HR needs and so that you can focus your energy on your core business.




Cana Tighe