Connection is the Icing on the Employee Engagement Cake

Gone are the days when traditional HR responsibilities only included administering employee benefits, managing payroll, and handling paperwork. Human resources oversees recruiting, corporate culture, inclusivity, diversity, benefits, compliance, employee engagement, training, development, etc.

Your workers are expressing more needs and challenging old norms. Successful companies listen and collaborate with their employees to reimagine the work experience. People want to feel like they belong and are a part of something bigger than themselves. Employees want to feel connected, digitally connected, and connected via relationships with other humans.

Unlike other outsource HR providers, Soteria HR offers on-site support. We directly interact with you and your employees, connecting our digital experiences with you and your team with face-to-face virtual and in-office interactions.

Cause for Concern

The past few years have put employee connectivity in jeopardy. Both Covid and digital transformation have drastically changed the workplace. People are becoming aware of how important it is to stay in contact with their fellow humans, whether it’s by video, voice, or in-person.

COVID made people feel more sad, anxious, and alone. According to new research, 72% of global workers said they felt lonely at least monthly, while 55% said they felt lonely at least weekly. 1

Technology solutions are simultaneously keeping us connected and socially isolated. We remind ourselves and our clients that direct person-to-person contact is essential. We tend to forget this amid all the clamor about automation, AI; VR; chatbots; intelligent assistants, smart speakers, WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom, and other communication apps.

We are even using tech to standardize and automate employee engagement with employee engagement platforms with tools such as benchmarking, employee recognition, goal management, negative feedback management, and pulse surveys.

Using tech is great, but without sufficient thought, tech tools can drown out the most vital connection of all – the human connection. Genuine human connections are important to drive your company’s success.

Clarifying Connectivity

While 85% of HR leaders agree that connection is essential to their company’s success, only 31% felt they have addressed connection challenges.2 The nuance of connection can often feel vague to executives and HR personnel because it’s hard to literally define employee connection. We often talk about connection at work in “soft” terms; it’s something we sense (or don’t sense) and innately we know is important.

To facilitate the formation of human connections, HR experts are starting to identify the key components of employee connectivity. To have a connected workplace, your employees need to feel connected to:

  • their coworkers and managers through authentic relationships
  • your company’s mission, values, and leadership vision
  • their specific work tasks and how those tasks positively impact the company’s goals
  • their personal goals – growth and development

We’ve Got Your Connectivity Covered

Employee connectivity brings a deeper level of commitment and fulfillment than employee engagement. Companies recognize the opportunity to prioritize workplace connection. We can help you implement the tactics and tools to close the connectivity gap with your employees. Reach out to us now.




Samantha Harwood