Employee Healthcare Management

As a specific form of HR consulting under the rubric of ongoing benefits administration, Soteria HR offers Employee Healthcare Management as a preventative and responsive healthcare solution. Our goal is to prevent employee healthcare issues before they arise while being responsive to any unexpected surprises.


Through an in-depth HR assessment of your current benefits administration, Soteria HR team will gain greater insight and develop a plan to maximize employee communication, education and engagement.  These tools will give them greater knowledge and understanding of this valuable benefit.

Six Steps to Effective Employee Healthcare Management for Employees

At Soteria HR, we enact the following steps to serve the employees of our client companies:

Survey employees to discover out what programs and services they are interested in and what they don’t want.

Analyze the specific demographics of a client company.

Put together a program plan that can administrate employee benefits to address employee concerns in the short-term and the long -term.

Keep the employees of a client company up-to-date with ongoing communication ensuring better industry knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

Advise on how to deal with healthcare challenges from the dual perspective of good health management and financial feasibility.

Provide Section 125 plan employee education, raising employee awareness

The goal of Employee Healthcare Management is to keep the employees of our client companies healthy and happy. Moreover, addressing employee concerns leads to increased productivity and moves you closer to organizational success!

Six Steps to Effective Employee Healthcare Management for Employers

At Soteria HR, we enact the following steps to serve the employers, owners, and managers of our client companies:

Help maintain Affordable Care Act compliance to avoid penalties

Manage COBRA compliance and administration

SPD Wrap and other healthcare-oriented employee resources and postings

Reducing employee absence by managing employee healthcare

IRS Form 5500 filing and Section 125 Plan administration

Prevent workplace accidents and improve workplace safety

The Benefits of Employee Healthcare Management

Allowing Soteria HR to apply our employee healthcare management techniques to your company optimizes your benefits administration and protects your company, To learn more about the specifics of employee healthcare management, please contact us today.