HR Consulting Services

At Soteria our Human Resources consultants offer strategic options of preventative action and positive development. The HR consulting services of Soteria HR focus on keeping your company healthy both today and tomorrow.


Our Human Resources consultants focus on the big picture issues of strategy and approach. The goal is to make sure the ongoing operations of your company reflect your vision and your bottom line.


Beyond helping you to optimize your company’s performance, our Human Resources consultants provide proactive and preventative strategies that help your company avoid regulatory challenges and compliance issues moving forward.

Detailing HR Consulting Services Offered

Best Practices Development

The goal of HR best practices development is to keep both a company’s employees and clients happy. Based on universal principles, best practices are HR processes and strategies that optimize management and foster superior performance. Through best practices development, trouble is avoided, and success is bolstered.

Employee Training & Development

Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge to improve performance in their current jobs. More expansive, development focuses on employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate work-related skill. Together, employee training and development fuel the positive growth of an organization.

Performance Management

Performance management is the institution of a process of communication between managers and employees for ongoing assessment. The goal is to ensure that employees are doing the expected work. By optimizing performance management, a company can help realize the greater strategic goals of the organization.

Organizational Performance

Organizational performance starts with an HR audit of the management processes of an organization. Such an audit provides crucial insight, leading to a long-term strategy to improve and update organizational performance. The goal is increasing both productivity and profitability while avoiding wasted resources and inefficiencies.

Employee Onboarding Systems

Designing effective employee onboarding systems allows new hires to become immediate assets for an organization. Such employee onboarding systems need to be annually audited to keep up with changes in the business. Thus, employee onboarding systems are not stuck in the past but reflect the natural growth of an organization.

Proper Recruiting Practices

Proper recruiting practices focus on both recruitment and selection. The initial goal is to make sure a company has the right employees in place. The second goal guarantees that a company’s hiring practices are up-to-date. The third goal is to ensure that the right targeting mechanisms are being used and the right candidates are being targeted.

If you want to know more about HR consulting services and how Soteria HR can help your company, please contact us today.