Productivity Up; Costs Down

Running an effective HR department involves administrative work and oversite. In addition, your HR team is themselves employees who require training, managing and benefits.

The value of your time and the cost of personnel are significant. As a way to increase productivity and reduce costs, many companies outsource HR functions to companies like Soteria.

Here are two ways we can improve your productivity and reduce costs:

1. Outsourcing Reduces Legal Vulnerability

Ensuring compliance is one of the major functions of any HR department. This is a formidable, multifaceted and complex job. Employment compliance laws are always changing. It can be daunting to ensure that your practices are compliant. Non-compliance can result in expensive fines and legal fees.

Companies must adhere to federal rules and state, county, and local regulations regarding employment. That’s not even considering the fact that some companies have union and industry regulations to adhere to, which only complicate matters.

When handling individual employee issues, such as harassment claims, discipline and termination, companies have to meet specific standards and laws, and failing to do so could leave you vulnerable to lawsuits and fines.

Outsourcing HR services helps you to maintain employee management practices which are within the scope of this kaleidoscope of laws and regulations.

We can help you avoid these serious financial consequences by ensuring your policies are fair, legal and clear.

2. Outsourcing HR Functions Improves Hiring

HR consulting firms enable you to reduce your overall staffing costs associated with recruiting, training and turn-over.

From job descriptions to interview and onboarding processes, we can help you develop streamlined and efficient hiring processes designed to attract top talent.

Once people are hired, we implement effective onboarding systems. When a company has an appropriately defined and consistent onboarding process, employees assimilate into the company culture faster and more successfully. This increases employee productivity and contributes to lower rates of turnover. Once employees are established, we help monitor employee performance, freeing up your time and offering objective insights.

Getting these tasks off your plate gives you breathing room and peace of mind, so you and your team can concentrate on your core business. The overall support we provide focuses on building your best team and managing your legal compliance so that you are empowered to grow your company.

James Harwood